One Club. Two Sites

COVID-19 Safety Precautions

In addition to the guidelines provided by the State of California and CDC, BWSC recommends the following guidelines for both BWSC Sites:

Social distancing must be maintained throughout the waterskiing exercise activity by all persons who are not members of the same household while waiting for their turn to ski.
This includes all nonhousehold members on the dock will be required to wear face masks when NOT skiing, per the State Health Order. If you don’t wear a mask you may be asked to leave. No gatherings allowed.

Sanitary practices should be maintained throughout the experience. This includes but is not limited to:  *All members will use their OWN ski equipment and will NOT touch other members gear. All Boat owners will add the necessary products to their boat to provide regular sanitized seating, steering and other unavoidable touch points in order to ensure sanitized space for Boat Driver/Spotter.  Cleaning shall occur with each change of Household Crew.

Compliance, Enforcement and Consequences if Safety Protocol is Not Observed. Members are responsible throughout the day to enforce all required protocol. Those observed out of compliance will be reminded to adhere to all protocol, be asked to leave, and/or suspended from the club.

ALL other BWSC Rules and guidelines remain in place.

Berkeley Aquatic Park

Berkeley Aquatic Park is located just east of the Eastshore Freeway (Hwy 80) between Ashby and University Avenues. The site is open from May to September for water skiing and host to Wed Night Ski League.

To access the BWSC site, enter off Bay Street on the south end of the park.

Delta Site

The BWSC Delta Site is located near Lower Jones Tract in the California Delta. Nearest marinas include Discovery Bay, Holland Riverside and Orwood. The site offers a slalom water ski course and private beach for families year-round. The site is host to the BWSC Fall open.

Access only available via boat. 

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